Kevin Sheehan has worked for the automotive industry and has seen a huge trend in the world of self-driving vehicles. These vehicles are here to stay because they are much needed around the world. We will let you know more about what these vehicles have in store for you so you can better understand.

Amazing Race

Google, Mercedes AG, and other titans are working hard to build the best self-driving car out there. Recently, the state of California granted permits for any fully autonomous car to ride on this state`s road starting in April. This is a great news for any driver out there because the self-driving cars will be a reality from the next month in the state of California. The world is expecting this industry to take off, and this is a great way of building up momentum. These types of cars will reduce the number of car accidents around the world too.

Taking Notes

The state of California has been taking notes about what is called “disengagement” in the self-driving world. This happens when the driver feels unsure about the things the self-driving car is doing. This might also happen when they have to take the wheel to shut down the car via the automated driving system. Alphabet has been one of the most successful companies in the self-driving car tests out there, and they are working hard to make things happen here too. Waymo is an Alphabet-owned company that is taking the self-driving car world to the next level these days too. Kevin Sheehan knows that self driving cars will be the way of the future but it will take many years for it to be implemented.

Closer to Reality

The self-driving vehicles are getting momentum worldwide. GM, Uber, and Intel are working hard to test self-driving cars with some people in them. This technology has to be perfect, yet it has a lot of promises for the peoples of the world. Just imagine the comfort and cachet that you will get inside one of these vehicles, and you will have a lot of fun in them too. There are reports stating that some of these vehicles have been blocking traffic here and there, and this is something that this newly created industry has to work hard to solve.

There is an amazing race happening in the self-driving world where you will have a lot of fun. These vehicles are great because they will give you a lot of comfort and freedom if you purchase them. California and other states are taking notes about what these vehicles can do, and they want this technology to succeed over time as well.
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